Diligence, Commitment, Truth.

Each attorney having grown up in rural, northwest Oklahoma, Andrew Ewbank, Kaleb Hennigh, and Dalen McVay ambitiously opened their practice, providing exceptional legal services consistent with the work ethics, values, and interests instilled in them by their communities.

Recently Kaleb Hennigh was honored with the 2015 Outstanding Lawyer Award for the state of Oklahoma. He has practiced law for ten years and began serving on the OBA YLD board of directors in 2008. Soon after, he transitioned into a leadership role on the division’s executive team 2011-2013, and ultimately the YLD chair in 2014. In his years of service, he has been involved with many community organizations. He helped establish the Oklahoma Lawyers for America’s Heroes in 2011 and active on the YMCA board and the Enid Public Schools Foundation today.

Kaleb was recognized at the Annual Oklahoma Bar Meeting for his honor, Nov. 4-9. He was awarded a plaque of distinction and we couldn’t be happier. The basis of our practice is not only providing outstanding work but to handle our cases with the same integrity and spirit we were raised to pursue.

Oklahoma is often acclaimed for its people. We’re excited for the wonderful opportunity we’ve been given to exemplify these values through our work. We’re on a mission to serve and protect the nation’s most valuable asset, its people.


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