Emergencies happen, and there’s not always time to schedule an appointment. You don’t have to schedule a consultation before meeting with one of our attorneys.

However, our attorneys travel throughout Oklahoma for cases and are not always available in the office. An appointment is best, but if you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to call us. We will do what we can do to help you.

Ewbank & Hennigh is a full-service law firm. Our experienced attorneys handle cases involving personal injury, real estate, wills & trusts, corporate work, and many others.

Some areas of the law are very unique and require a person who focuses entirely on that area. You are our priority. If our attorneys don’t work in that area, we will recommend another qualified attorney in your area who can provide you with the best service.

We are open 8:00 to 5:30 Monday through Friday. However, your needs are important to us. We routinely schedule appointments out of office and after hours.

Selecting a lawyer is about creating a relationship of trust and confidence. You have to trust that your lawyer truly is working in your best interest and is competent in your specific area of need.  

Our focus is efficiently helping our clients resolve their concerns. At Ewbank & Hennigh, if we take your case, we can’t guarantee a specific outcome, but we are committed to attaining the best possible result.

At Ewbank & Hennigh, we do not believe in the saying, “one size fits all.” There was a need in Northwestern Oklahoma for reliable, cost-effective, and honest legal representation. Every case is different, and our attorneys treat it as such.

We want you to sit with us, let us get to know you, and then begin working with us to create a legal plan of action specific to your case.

That is up to you. We’re happy to meet with you in our office, via telephone, on a Zoom conference, or through emails. We will do whatever is most efficient and convenient for you.

There is a retainer fee for certain types of cases, just not personal injury cases. However, there is no set amount.

The retainer fee is determined by each attorney according to your case. Our attorneys don’t just make numbers up. We take the time to analyze your case and determine how much time and cost will be involved. That is how we determine the retainer amount.

Yes. Your attorney will direct you on which form to fill out.
It is very important to contact us right away. There is typically a specific time frame to file your response with the court. An attorney will need adequate time to review the paperwork and facts before a response can be prepared.
If you get hurt at work, you should contact us immediately. An attorney will meet with you to go over the details of your case and talk you through your options.
We have offices in Enid, Okeene, and Laverne, Oklahoma.
It depends on your case. However, you are always your first priority. Our team will always communicate the risks involved in your case, even the risk of paying us and losing.
You should never be your own lawyer. You can do things on your own but representing yourself in court should not be one of them. For the best possible results, work with someone who is experienced and trained to handle your specific case.
A retainer fee is a deposit for the work we will do. Once we do the work, we bill against the retainer. Our retainer assures our commitment to you, and your commitment to us.
You don’t pay the costs of trying your case, and you don’t pay your lawyer unless you get some recovery. We’re proud to offer our clients access to the courthouse. If you win, our costs are paid back out of the settlement, then we are paid a percentage of the remaining recovery.
You are charged for our time. We are a business, and our business is to provide outstanding legal services. When we spend time on your case, we bill for that time. The lawyers all have set hourly rates. We simply multiply our hourly rate by the amount of time spent on the case. Some types of matters have flat fees. These eliminate uncertainty on your part. We’d be happy to discuss a flat fee for your services.