Agricultural Law

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If you are buying or selling property, dealing with oil and gas contracts, need to attach an agricultural lien, or have another agriculturally-related legal issue or concern, we have the know-how and background to assist you. It is our goal to help you resolve your legal matter promptly.

Agricultural Legal Services

Agricultural Law

A Team That is Committed to You

No matter what your situation is, our team is equipped to help you so you can continue farming and ranching. Our services include:

  • Agricultural Liens
  • Farm and/or Ranch LLC or Corporation Formation

If you’re an Oklahoma farmer or rancher, you’re familiar with the joys and challenges associated with agriculture. Our team is no stranger to rural Oklahoma, especially Northwest Oklahoma. Whether you have problems with agricultural labor, land use, or need a license or permit to operate your business, our team is ready to help.

Getting the resources you need to make a living is important. When that livelihood is in danger, you need a team with the resources and experience to help you succeed. At Ewbank & Hennigh, we are committed to serving you so you can provide for yourself and your family.

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know your rights

As a farmer or rancher in Oklahoma, you should be familiar with your rights and responsibilities. The Oklahoma Right to Farm Law specifically states that citizens and residents have the right to use agricultural technology, employ livestock production, and use ranching practices. The Legislature cannot pass laws prohibiting agricultural production without a compelling state interest.