About the Firm

Why Ewbank & Hennigh?

Founded in 2011, Ewbank & Hennigh has dedicated its legal services to individuals and families in rural Northwestern Oklahoma. When there is a need for quality representation, Ewbank & Hennigh is ready to fulfill that need.

Many clients have partnered with us upon personal referrals. The impact we make in people’s lives is how we measure success. With decades of experience, resources, and tenacity, Ewbank & Hennigh is here to help you fight for the justice you deserve.

Work with a team committed to integrity, justice, and – most importantly – you. We approach each case individually and tailor our approach to your specific case facts.
Partner with us for the quality long-term representation you need to achieve your goals. Our experienced attorneys have the tenacity and resilience to help you.
Our experience, confidence, and integrity ensure that your hard-earned dollar is utilized reasonably and efficiently regardless of the legal situation you are facing.

“Get Out of Line”

Many firms address your case systematically. However, Ewbank & Hennigh is dedicated to providing you with personalized legal representation. Get out of line and choose our team. You are our priority. We want to get to know you and form a plan specific to your case.

Ewbank & Hennigh

Meet The Partners

Andrew S. Ewbank

Founding Partner

Kaleb K. Hennigh

Founding Partner
Both law partners grew up in Northwestern Oklahoma. Ewbank and Hennigh both saw a need in their community for reliable, personable, and cost-effective legal representation and decided to give back to the community that raised them.

The team at Ewbank & Hennigh definitely knows what they are doing. Very knowledgeable and thorough. From simple LLC filings to complex real property transactions and everything in between... these guys are the best!