4 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself in a Personal Injury Case

two men argue over a car accident

When you or someone you love has been hurt, you may be consumed with worry — rather than how you should handle a personal injury case. When emotions start to settle, it may be time to start taking the steps. Though it may seem like a complex process to begin, there are three things you can do to protect yourself.

1. Write down what happened.
Though it feels like you will never forget what happened, memories fade. As time goes on, our sharp recollections of events may become more difficult. When an occurs, be sure to take notes. Remember to get Who, What, When, Where and Why. Pay particular attention to what the other party tells the police, ambulance, and other people in their car. Someone who knows they have just injured someone can often times develop a memory that is different from what actually happened. You have to have a clear memory in order to set the record straight.

2. Take pictures, and hold on to evidence.
Every case is unique. When you memory faces, pictures are the best way to “stop time” so you can go back and look at what happened. Take pictures showing the weather condition, the amount of traffic, the appearance of the person who caused the injury and the physical damage caused. This will help protect the integrity of the case.

3. If possible, get a police report.
You should always make a police report if involved in a traffic collision. You are entitled to a copy of the report. The report contains contact information for the other driver, their insurance, the wrecker company to towed your car, the date, time and location. This simple report contains so many important details, you cannot afford to be without it. If you see a mistake in the report, ask the officer to correct it. The officer will not be offended as he or she wants it done right.

4. Don’t let the insurance company trick you.
Eventually, an insurance company is going to start calling you. Whether it is your insurance company or the other person’s, know you have the right true answers and to be repaid for what you have lost. Insurance companies often try to diminish your case. You be the judge of what is fair, don’t just take their word for it

Any of this sound familiar? If you’ve been hurt by someone else, we are here to help. Get out of that insurance company’s line by letting Ewbank, Hennigh & McVay help you learn how to negotiate your personal injury case.


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