Serving Northwest Oklahoma Since 2011

Ewbank & Hennigh is a full-service law firm in Northwestern Oklahoma dedicated to helping individuals and families
navigate the legal system and stand for justice.

People-driven Firm

We are Committed to You

It’s difficult to choose a law firm to partner with. Ewbank & Hennigh was founded on work ethic, integrity, and loyalty, values instilled in the two partners by their Oklahoma community.

At Ewbank & Hennigh, our team is committed to you and your case. Partner with a cost-effective and people-driven firm that will provide you with the unique representation your case needs because every case is different.

Ewbank & Hennigh

Meet The Partners

Andrew S. Ewbank

Founding Partner

Kaleb K. Hennigh

Founding Partner
Both law partners grew up in Northwestern Oklahoma. Ewbank and Hennigh both saw a need in their community for reliable, personable, and cost-effective legal representation and decided to give back to the community that raised them.

Your partner

Legal Representation That Understands Your Needs

Finding the right law firm for you and your case can be overwhelming. Partner with a team committed to providing you with personalized legal representation and support.


Local Representation

Ewbank and Hennigh both saw a need in their Northwestern Oklahoma community and decided to fill it. When you choose our legal team, you’re partnering with people who know the people and the area and understand what it takes to win.


Long-term Representation

When you choose Ewbank and Hennigh, we walk alongside you the entire time. Long-term representation means that no matter where your case is, our team will support you and fight for justice until the end.


People Over Profit

You need a firm that is on your side, not one that cares more about increasing their profits. Our team is in the business of helping people, not hurting them.