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May 2016

Intentionally Accidentally Hitting People


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So, Draymond Green did not intend to hit Steven Adams? hmmm…We’re Thunder fans, so that makes us a little skeptical of his 107 second long explanation of what happened.


The debate among NBA fans is whether this hit was accidental or intentional or accidentally intentional or intentionally accident or..never mind.   You get the point.  This debate happens every day in the practice of law.  Every day, we work with people who are hurt and broken from car “accidents.”  Are these really accidents, or has the insurance industry changed the way we talk?  I don’t know for sure, but I know that one insurance commercial uses the term, “accident,” but the official form completed by investigating officers at the scene of a wreck is called the “Official Oklahoma Collision Report.”

Does the different word used mean anything to you?  Does using one word over the other mean something different about the wreck/  We want to know what you think.  Is one right and the other wrong?  Do things sometimes just happen?  Should Draymond Green be suspended?  Comment on our Facebook page and we will give one random person this sweet little bluetooth speaker.


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Northwest Oklahoma Fires Cause Uncertainty


Wild Fires Consume Northwest Oklahoma
Wild Fires Consume Northwest Oklahoma

Recently, Northwest Oklahoma has been plagued by numerous fires.  The weather is warm, rain was in short supply, and the wind was really whipping.  We’ve been blessed to have some nice spring rains, but the previous dry, windy conditions create a potentially devastating opportunity for horrific fires.  We know that most of these fires did not just flare up on their own.  In most of these fires, the team at Ewbank, Hennigh & McVay can trace the cause of the fire to the actions of one or more person or company.  We are currently representing landowners with thousands of acres of land destroyed by fire.  Here are some things you should know about these fires:

  1. Even if the fire started well away from your property, you may be able to recover from a negligent party.
  2. Your various insurance policies may provide insurance coverage of which you are not aware.
  3. The origin of a fire can be narrowed down with impressive ability to determine the actual cause, and who caused the fire.
  4. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Make sure to document your losses.  This includes burned land, fences, livestock, homes, equipment, and other similar items.  Pictures show the destruction, which is important to document the true amount of damage.
  5. Just because something did not catch fire does not mean it is not damaged.  Intense smoke damage can just as destructive as the fire itself.
  6. Numerous different state and federal agencies work together to provide assistance for fire victims.
  7. If you have been evacuated or displaced because of the fire, your insurance may pay for increased living expenses.

We have clients with property damaged in the Harper County Fire, Anderson Creek Fire, Major County fires, Woods County fires, and Woodward County fires.  If you or your family has any questions or concerns about these fires, contact us today.  Call EHM at (580) 234-4334.  Email us at

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