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We know every case is unique and requires different strategies and approaches.  Our commitment is to ensure our clients are never simply walked through a pre-defined process. Ewbank, Hennigh & McVay, PLLC – Attorneys at Law is a dynamic and experienced firm in Enid, Oklahoma with lawyers who focus on your case to design a specific plan to help achieve your goals.

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EHM Offers Former FBI Director, James Comey, Associate Position

Director Comey, Ewbank, Hennigh & McVay, PLLC would like to formally extend an invitation to join our firm.  While we have not conducted a formal background check, we rest assured your background will prove acceptable.  As you may have heard, Ewbank, Hennigh & McVay, PLLC is a law firm headquartered in Enid, OK with an […] Read more

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An In-Depth Guide to Medical Liens

You’d be surprised to learn that medical liens are fairly common. A lien is a demand for repayment that may be placed against your personal injury case. If you’re the victim and have filed a lawsuit to recover the cost of medical bills, your medical providers may be able to file a lien against your […] Read more

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A Guide to Wind Turbine Leases

Wind turbines are quickly assembling all over the state of Oklahoma. If you have been approached by a wind energy company regarding land usage and leases, you should have your lease reviewed to ensure that it contains provisions to protect you as a landowner and is in line within the quickly developing and changing standards set forth by Oklahoma lawmakers. Wind energy leases cover […] Read more

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